Pentair Valves & Controls is a leading manufacturer and marketer of valves, actuators and controls, providing market leading products and solutions for the most challenging applications throughout the energy and process industries. Whether our customers operate in the oil and gas, power, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, or food and beverage markets, we strive to deliver the highest quality products and solutions that help to improve our customer’s business performance.

Actuators & Controls

Pentair offers one of the largest portfolios of actuation and controls products available in the market today.  Global manufacturing facilities produce electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-hydraulic and subsea actuators along with rotary and linear valve position and control monitors.  Servicing a wide range of industries including oil and gas (onshore and offshore), petrochemical, chemical and power generation, Pentair has the applications experience and customization capabilities to find the optimum solution for your valve automation needs.  Whether it’s providing a bare actuator, helping to size an actuator or designing a customized automation solution, Pentair actuation and controls can help. More

Ball Valves

Driven by innovation, with an outstanding portfolio of proven brands, Pentair manufactures and markets an extensive range of full and reduced bore ball valves serving a wide spectrum of applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and allied process industries. The Pentair ball valve portfolio includes a diverse range of standard and customized ball valves that can be configured to suit most process applications or project packages. We offer ball valves in end entry, top entry and fully welded body construction, with flanged end, welding end, hub or threaded connections, floating or trunnion mounted designs with meta-to-metal or soft seating. We also provide exhaustive applications for high integrity installations such as HIPPS, emergency shut-down, subsea, powder discharge, gas pipelines, high temperature, cryogenic and corrosive services, where proven experience and safety are paramount. More

Butterfly Valves

In 1951 Keystone Valves launched a new valve concept - the rubber seated butterfly valve. Since then, through constant innovation and customer feedback, Pentair offers trims and sizes of butterfly valves to suit most applications having to do with isolation and control of liquids, gases or slurries. By both mechanical and polymer engineering Keystone butterfly valves have a strong focus on providing valves that offer long life through high cycle capabilities.  Benchmarking ensures Keystone remains a leader in this critical area against other makers of butterfly valves for the process sectors. More

Control Valves

Pentair manufactures specialty control valves focused on Power Generation, severe service and for arduous process applications. With many years’ application experience and our own purpose designed software tools, Pentair’s teams work alongside OEMs, Design Engineers and Plant Operators to help provide solutions to flow, temperature, pressure and level control applications. More

Gate, Globe, Check Valves

Pentair provides forged and cast gate, globe and check valve solutions to the DIN and ASME power, petrochemical, oil and gas and water industries. Our application specialists focus on the isolation and non-return applications requiring solutions for high pressures, high temperatures, large sizes or specialty alloys to help protect our customers’ systems and keep their plants running. More

Hygienic Process Equipment

Pentair’s Hygienic Process Equipment is designed for sanitary applications in the dairy, brewing, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-chemical industries. The range incorporates the Keystone and Hovap brands, which are suitable for isolation, diversion and mix-proof services. Process valves are available as double-seated, angle/multi-way, changeover and tank bottom valves. Pneumatically operated process valves can be supplied as complete flow matrices for full automation. Together with digital control heads and interface controls, the possibilities are just tremendous. More

Instrumentation Equipment

Pentair, with some of industry’s most trusted brands and most extensive range of technology, is a global leader of instrumentation valving and manifolds for critical flow and pressure measurement installations and direct level gauge measurement.  We deliver equipment and application support for our customers assisting them to confidently access critical pressure, flow and level measurement to operate and control their process.  Our products help the customer to safely facilitate isolation and calibration of measurement devices in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and power generation. More

Knife Gate Valves

Pentair offers some of the industry’s most trusted brands of knife gate and slurry valves for mining, power, water and process applications.  Pentair strives to combine application expertise, innovative product technology and advanced engineering to truly create a value-added partnership with our customers.  Our products offer outstanding performance in isolation and control in various forms of media across a wide range of application requirements. Pentair products provide high performance and increased sensitivity to the environment to help reduce customer risk and maximize production. More

    Pressure Relief Valves

    Pentair, with some of industry’s most trusted brands and an extensive range of technology, is a global leader of overpressure protection products for critical applications.  We deliver highly engineered equipment, application support and life cycle services to help assure optimum protection of our customer’s assets and employees.  Our overpressure protection products are applied in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and power generation and are supported by our sophisticated research and test facilities for steam, air, gas and liquid. More

    Slurry Valves

    Pentair offers some of industry’s most trusted brands of slurry valves and is a global leader of slurry valves for mining applications.  Pentair combines application and engineering expertise, to offer a value-added solution to our customers.  Our products offer unmatched performance, providing isolation, grinding and control in various forms of media across a wide range of applications, especially where heavy viscous scale can occur.  Pentair products provide high performance and increased sensitivity to the environment to help reduce customer risk and maximize production. More

    Steam Traps

    Yarway provides thermodynamic and thermostatic steam traps to Power, Refining and Petrochemical markets that utilize high and medium pressure steam.  Yarway, a leader in the design of the thermodynamic piston trap, specializes in providing easily maintained condensate removal systems that are in line renewable and can assist our customers with lower lifetime costs. 

    Triple Offset Valves

    Almost four decades ago, Vanessa introduced its quarter turn, metal seated, zero leakage* rotary process valve, a valve which has become the standard for quality, reliability and durability among rotary process valves. More